Garden Island beautiful and local.

Garden Island WA


Day 2

Spent at this beautiful spot, the day full off exporing and changing anchorages to expore the northern end. Elle was jumping out of her skin, seeing the sparkling clear waters. The area is so beautiful and a lot less crowded than Rottness.

That afternoon sail back in its home, splice on rope was done by riggers, not well done,  Captain Steve stitched the hell out of it so it wont happen again, all ready to leave when winds become favourable.




Sailing Ellebo , leaving Mindarie W.A for our trip south to Tassie.

Well the day finally arrived, leaving the dreaded marina to be free. Nerves and antispaction about leaving our daughter and life behind, but so ready to move on and see and experience new places and adventures. Head winds made it not the greatest sail, but we were getting 7 knots so happy, then as night set in the genoa came crashing down, the line had snapped, a faulty splice, and we were haul arsing the sail in from overboard in big seas. Descision was made to head in to the shelter of the back of Garden Island. Arrived around 2200 ,after heading down the runway of lights on the channel heading in, tired and ready to crash. The new day and wake up to beautiful surroundings and the joys of arriving in a bay to yourself. That afternoon how different a day  enjoying the beach and beautiful surroundings. 

Emu Point Bayonet Head W.A

Well our sister isnt wanting us to leave, and we decided to buy some bikes after scoring some year old alloy frame bikes our size. The delay came in our Elle’s bike carriage arriving after Christmas,  she has a sore leg and the 3 hour ++ return walks were affecting her leg.  

So we decided to say what the heck no rush, in the mean time Steve has decided to install a fuel polishing system, a job that didnt get done before we left.

This device save your filters and rids contaminates and makes your fuel as clear as a good beer.

We also bought a garmin gps as a anchor watch after waking up to tablet anchor watch gone to sleep after leaving on charge all night. Tablet still alive but anchor watch even with alarms that are meant to alert you gone of the job. You need your anchor watch to sleep well at night.  Even after living on our boat now being out in the wild wild west there are more necessity needed.

So all our gear is here now,so the whips out on the captain to get it installed.

Christmas in Emu Point Albany 

Well we are still here, we thought what the hell this is our life now, no need to rush. We did want to get to Tassie for Christmas to spend with our son, but hearing of great spots to stop on the way we didnt want to miss these. Our son is a tour guide for wilderness kayaking so he had a great day as usual in the wilderness and partying hard xmas eve with the other orphan guides lol.

Our day started with a paddle, then picking up family for lunch on the boat, sunshine and a perfect day.  Lads went for swim and me and my sis drank more bubbles.

Boxing day tradition,  watching the Sydney to Hobart start.

Albany has a transport marina  real handy to town and you can liveaboard, but shallow in areas for larger boats. The old Princess Royal Sailing Club, great spot but no depths shown or avaliable in marina and shallow,  Emu Point Boat Harbour transport own again shallow and narrow channel on entry.  We opted to rely on our trusty Rocna vulcan, and have anchored in Bayonet head.  This area feels like you are away from everything,  beautiful and great holding in sand and mud.

Also from here short walk to Woolworths Bayonet Head Shopping Centre  only small liquor, chemist, newsagency what more do you need, did I mention 2 liquor stores lol.

Albany arrived after a mixed bag sail

Arrived in Albany 4 th day winds up and down no wind then great wind. You want a nice calm sail , then your wishing for a hurricane lol. Got into the swing of cat naps with alarm wake up every 20 minutes for person on watch, that 20 minutes felt like hours. Lots of ships, great sunsets, boat handled big seas with ease , smashing through big seas. Arriving at Albany wow so cool, scenary and history mind blowing.

Steve had lure out on way in and caught a bloody bird, hauled him in and chatted to him while untangling,  saved the little buggers life. Birds followed us in watching our lure,  and another caught up and released,  dolphins diving under boat, amazing scenary , old lighthouse keepers houses, cliffs and grand entrance.

Arrived in Quaranup to beautiful bay, clean up , explore and early night, felt weird boat not moving.

Old Dunsborough,  convenient and beautiful. 

We decided to move, needed new backyard to look at, so tucked in to lovely nook off Old Dunsborough.  Handy spot as you can walk to town, lots of rubbish bins at boat ramp and shower block, large shark net swimming area, barbeques.

 Also top secret of coarse,  FREE wifi from the fancy arse resorts if the conditions are right ha ha.

No whiting so far, seem to be a bit rare. 

Odd jobs always continue, Steve is putting in a 12 volt pump for my saltwater tap in galley as manual one was useless, I do my washing up with salt and rinse with fresh.

Been enjoying making my own pizza dough, best pizzas ever.

Today we are sailing around to Bunkers Bay, to edge a little closer to the jump off run to Albany.

Dunsborough,  School Leavers everywere.

Arrived at Dunsborough after a gentle sail in perfect conditions,  dropped the pick and headed in for the Captains beer.

House work , washing in my trusty bicep builder.

 Elle (border collie ) is now also allowed in BWS which has added to her list of many stores she is invited in too. School leavers and thumping music comes from one house and feel sorry for the neighbours. One thing with sailing don’t like the neighbour’s pull anchor and shift lol.

Day spent fishing and into shore for a swim and a run for Elle.

Beer and wine watching sunset.

Busselton W.A arrived , sunshine and clear blue waters.

Arrived at Busselton, waters were like a washing machine,waves from all directions,once we came into bay it had all settled. That evening balmy weather and Captain Steve caught 3 squid, so salt and pepper squid and chips on the menu. Next day into town, township has changed alot since we lived down here, many many moons ago. So many restaurant here and theme has been kept in historical way, very nice. Enjoying the area, between always a few jobs and always an adventure to find stores you need things from by foot.